Florist angst

2015 is going to be my first wedding season in full swing. I launched my site and business last February, kinda to late to attract brides for that season. I spent the majority of 2014 investing into  my business, which really is investing into myself. Learning as much as I can about flowers and contracts; local wholesalers and taxes. The amount of information you can learn about flowers alone, not designing them, just species and hybrids, is overwhelming. Then adding the business end along with "how to get my name out there" surprisingly only motivated me to figure it all out. I have often been interested in unknowns.  

This was one of my favorites from last year. 

Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

I am at The Rabbit Hole, one of my favorite coffee shops in the area (sadly, there are not many good ones in Ventura County) and feeling like I have hit a wall. All that enthusiasm and interest in SEO and blogging diminished rapidly. Yes, I like unknowns, but I also hate them. I want to know what exactly I am looking for. I am realizing that in starting a business, and one as unique as wanting to be a floral designer/stylist, there is not a wealth of information on the intricacies of how to do this better. A lot of it is trial and error.That can be frustrating. 

Jenn Sanchez Floral Design


What always always gets me back on the right track, back to the happy place of excitement and ideas, is drawing out designs. I have these vague pictures in my mind of arrangements that inspire a feeling, and doodling them down gets me looking forward the next thing. I like to dream big, to ask myself, and probably too often, what do I want out of this? I am not putting all these hours in just to see where it takes me. Jeez I wish I was that free spirited. What I want is to create innovative designs with flowers. To not be content as a wedding florist, but styling and creating a space and a unique environment . I don't even want to put a name to the career because that could place limits on what could come from it. All I know is I want to learn more.

See? Just typing out my angst is getting me motivated again.