Road Trip

Take Me Back

We FINALLY got some of our film processed from our honeymoon and I couldn't be more excited about sharing them!  We drove up the coast, starting in Cambria and ending our trip in Yosemite. Along the way we stayed in Big Sur, Monterey, and Carmel. It was a dream. We had no set plans and no particular place to be. A well deserved brake after the chaos of wedding planning.

 In preparing for this trip I was taking any and all recommendations from friends and family.  Look out points, scenic drives, and of course, if not mostly,  places to eat. We took some of the well guided suggestions people gave us and also discovered some new places. I feel compelled to share them with you because places like this need  to be experienced. 


This was the second place we stayed. Deetjen's Inn. Nestled in the untamed mountains of Big Sur, this place....was magical. We stayed in the only stand alone, itty bitty cabin,  Complete with a sky light to peek through redwoods by day and stars by night. My favorite part, each room has a journal that guests can write in about their stay. Some of the most amazing stories in there! They also have larger cabins with tons of rooms, more hostel like for those not wanting the romantic scene.  

Big Sur
Yosemite Fires :(

Yosemite Fires :(


Must stop places in Cambria: 

               + Sow's Ear 

               + Village Bean 

Must stop places in Big Sur: 

               + Nepenthe 

               + Big Sur Bakery

               + Big Sur Taphouse (They have a sneaky staircase that takes you an upper deck /                                                           outdoor lounge area with twinkle lights in the trees!!)

Must stop places in Carmel & Monterey: 

              + Katy's Place 

              + Restaurant 1833 

              + Vivolo's Chowder House 

              + Casanova 

Out of all the places we ate at, Casanova was our favorite (and that is saying a lot because we had so much amazing food!). A little one story house off the main drag turned into a restaurant with a gorgeous tree growing through it. It was so amazing.