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Sitting here watching the Bachelor wondering why I watch the Bachelor. It’s trash, the type that makes the perfect background noise while working on my computer. In my defense, sometimes the cats abandon me to other crevasses in the house and I feel lonely and need cheap tv to keep me company while working.

In garden news, I planted some tiger lily bulbs just in time before the first heavy rain fall this weekend. Those and also some dahlia tubers and started some tomatoes seeds in trays. I cannot tell you which I am more excited about. Dan and I already have big big plans for those tomatoes (recipes to come later like my mom’s bruschetta and she is 50% Italian so it means something). I have many other seeds I am getting in the ground way too late, but such is the life of a first time gardener, I tell myself. The way I see it, so many errors will be made no matter how precisely you plan so why obsess over the details when starting out. It’s also entirely superfluous life enrichment, planting and growing flowers, and so if I don’t enjoy the process than what is the point.

Jenn Sanchez Floral
Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

I had a few events this weekend, smaller but perfect re-introductions into the flowering world. Not being in the more regular rhythm of working with them through off-season can put one into an existential crisis which begins with questioning my product choice and ends with where is my place in the universe. It gets dark pretty quickly. But alas, early spring flowers are kind to us and sweet peas always reassure our rusty talents. I took these photos on top of my washer because it has the best lighting in the house and if you are nosey you can see our very in-progress backyard…complete with 1968 Cadillac. It’s a long story.

I am off to plan for my first wedding of the year this weekend. It is a destination event in Palm Springs and lots of YELLOW. I am thrilled. So many good options that are around for a very short window that we get to use. Acacia mimosa, yellow center daffodils, forsythia! A time of year I really am reminded of my deep love for flowers.

I am officially getting distracted by the Bach so, I will end here. talk soon my people,