Purple conversion

If I am here to do anything it is to convince you to fall in love with colors you previously had on your “no” list such as purple, might be the top of a many peoples lists.

For me, it has always been incredibly difficult to avoid color as a florist. Never totally a fan of the all white palette, or I guess more interested in colorful things. Which I think most people are as well but then seek timeless things for their weddings which end up being in the white realm, to which I say, color is timeless too and it’s more about how you use it but anyway, I digress.

I have learned many a thing in the last several years in working with color but I admit that purple is possibly the most difficult to work with. After some careful study (more like a personal failure with an assigned “berry” palette which resulted in an eyesore) I remembered my painting days. Primary colors red and blue mix to create purple, and in so mixing your end product can lean toward red or blue. In the way that those mauve lisianthus are more of a red purple and lavender sweet peas have almost icey blue undertones. When people say they hate it, what they hate is the 50/50 with equal parts of both primaries which results in Barney’s dino bod. To which I concur. But those Japanese lavender sweet peas or the antique local ranunculus which are the most perfect shade of plum, no one hates those. Or if you do, leave now.

jenn Sanchez Floral Design
Jenn sanchez Floral Design

This wedding was in May and so fortunately I had the choice of every shade of purple. Rather than limit myself, because here at JSD we stand by “more is more”, I did not worry about hue and instead was incredibly mindful (obsessive) about placement. I was sure to communicate to my team to design the aisle in groups of like colors and design almost within a monochromatic ombre. Fritillaria perscia next to the extasis carnations which transition to dark lilac and plum ranunculus which lighten to mauve delphinium next to the lighter ranunculus, etc. Such a major concept I have learned with installations. Heavy, dense groups of single types of flowers are vastly importantly for creating a visually impactful design. Didn’t mean for this to be unsolicited advice about design and color theory but there you have it. Forever learning man, color is a wild thing.

Next week I will be working on a very YELLOW wedding. If you scroll back to this post on my instagram from my purple one, I mention in the comments how I want to have a yellow one soon. Booked this client just a few months after that post. If that isn’t proof to believe in your dreams, well I am just not sure what is. I will for sure be sharing more of that on the internets so follow along! or don’t.

talk soon my dudes,