Kittens (and the industry of extremes)

This industry is wildly interesting to me because each of us claims the same career title of florist yet the differences in our lifestyles and schedules varies so much person to person. So I only speak for myself when I say my business model puts me in the position to deal in extremes. I am either so busy I don't see my husband for weeks at a time, barely find time to sleep while living out of a suitcase and forgetting to wear deodorant and living off 7-eleven croissants  OR  there are weeks where I magically wake up back in my bed at home and feel strangely domesticated, expected to do house things while enjoying my "time off" and discipling myself to get back to emails and think proactively for where I hope to take my business next. So like, forced relaxation plus overthinking. In the midst of the former parts of me are deeply satisfied with a nonstop schedule. Seeing a project to completion, having so many things to do that feel concrete like "make these 10 arrangements cause it's your job". The latter too can be deeply satisfying because I get to spend time with my husband and my family, but the head hitting the pillow after a long days work feeling is taken away. I feel in either season I am being robbed of something I really enjoy. 

If you know me or my dad's side of the family we have a strong reputation of being too fast. We talk fast we drive fast we eat fast. We speak in mutiples like "yeahyeahyeahyeah" or "rightrightrightright". We are constantly kinda, uppity. My 57 year old uncle said he is just now learning how to slow down, so I have that to look forward to. I really just need to learn how to recharge better, and slower. I have always felt like I'm older than I am, not metaphysically but literally. Like I remember thinking when I was 18, "how am I not 30 yet I have been alive soooo long". I think it's because the amount of years I have tacked on to my body via living in constant motion/stress coupled with waking up early and contemplating heavy things. I also know for a fact I should have a lot more speeding tickets than I have actually received. We live in an unbalanced world what can I say. 

Just putting this out there into the void, that I am trying. Oh man, my kittens are currently climbing from the curtains to the window sill to our temporary kitchen table (also counter top/drying rack for dishes/prep station while kitchen is being remodeled) so I should attend to that and quit my over introspective rant.  Do cats understand the word no like dogs do? I wonder this sometimes.

Here are photos of my kittens. The first is coconut helping me choose tile. We chose none of those.