china and stress and other things

*at a coffee shop in LA feeling overwhelmed* Not fully believing or understanding how we are over a month into 2017. Usually this is the off season but as fate would have it, and I am not complaining, I came back from China and hit the ground running with jobs. All of them have been with brands and a year ago (to the month) I would tell you my dream was to do more work with brands, less weddings. Thought this was what they call a pipe each event I book with a brand, I thank the heavens and try and enjoy every moment of it, half expecting it not to happen again for awhile. With all that said, I am eager and nervous to get back into weddings. High intensity for a short period of time. Starting to eat healthy again and take my vitamins in an effort to compensate for years of my life about to be lost in stress. Still contemplating and scheming ways to cope with the anxiety and pressure of it all. So far my skin is taking the brunt of it and almost audibly telling me, "Please just go to yoga or something. Calm the ef down". 


China is a crazy place. Crazy because it is so different, obviously not a latin based language so absolutely nothing sounded familiar. Unfamiliar smells and a different way of life altogether. Crazy because there are 1.5 BILLION people in that country so who am I to say we, in a country of 380 million, know anything about "how things should be done". Humbling. Interesting. Strange, but mostly eye opening. 

Sidenote/advice to myself: Bring Sydney on any trips with you overseas. Prior to this trip we were just acquaintances and now we are bonded for life- she's my ride or die friend ^^^ made the trip so much more fun. 


We foraged a ton for these classes. Truthfully the product there was limited. We had to order everything in advance and were not able to physically go to any markets...something I have grown more comfortable with here in the states but ya know, different when it's in another country and you don't have communication with reps you trust. All that said, the foliage was our saving grace. I noticed how heavily I rely on "fancy flowers" for impact and that isn't sustainable or really being creative (dare I say). Made me see flowers differently. 

Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

Seriously impressed with all the students. A lot of them did not have any previous experience and their approach to it was very relaxed, something that I continually (maybe forever) am working on. 

Overall loved the trip, would probably go back again. Got me itching to travel and teach anywhere and everywhere so if your reading this from *cough* Japan, email me stat. OK to be compensated in food.