currently listening to rubber soul

End of wedding season feels a bit like running downhill, it's difficult to stop abruptly. During those busy ceaseless work weeks I so looked forward to a day of nothing, but now that the opportunity has come (at least for this week), I don't think I want to take a break. All the reflections of this past year have made me feel more motivated to get better. I have a problem with being still, but more than that, a fear of falling into complacency. I think when you've started to believe you have arrived, in any capacity, it can blind you to self awareness and stint growth. I never want to be ok with where I am at creatively. Or I guess in general but *this isn't a diary Jenn, it's a business journal* so I'll leave it at that. 

I had the opportunity to teach a wreath workshop several weeks back (it would have been this past sunday) but I passed it up because I was just coming back from New York and, I'm not as practiced as I would like to be in wreath making. I have collected and dried material the last several months and sat down to work on it today. California doesn't have the best romantic fall foliage, so I am glad I tucked these away, especially the peegee hydrangea. I never think I will tire of their little petals.