currently watching sixteen candles

Looking back over the past couple years there have been seasons of keeping my head down and getting the job done, followed by times of massive growing pains and course correction. I have recently picked up my camera again at a time where I am reevaluating what I think is pretty. Trying to be more specific and hone my creative expression through flowers. It ends with me asking myself a lot of introspective questions.... As with most things in my business thus far (and personal life) I don't shy away from transparency so, I embrace the possibility of appearing unsettled in my lack of stylistic consistency for the next month while I ride out this learning curve. Editing on my computer is much more complicated than my phone. Partly because of familiarity. A sliver of me of me wants to do away with editing at all. Just take photos and post raw images. I follow a few florists that do that and admire their bravery. But then there is the bigger part of me that really likes mood and grain and strange things. One day I will go back to my film camera for all that, but for now its lightroom with 0 shame and nearly no comfortability or real experience.  

I'm rediscovering my rhythem. Finding favorite corners of the house and textiles for backdrops. I love photographing flowers and the entire process. It causes me to slow down and really evaluate design. I often find myself subtracting from pieces, decluttering. Shifting stems and shutter speeds in a desperate attempt to capture how it all makes me feel. Experiencing an arrangement in person for me, is to get lost in its movement. To allow yourself to be transfixed. A well photographed one should express how flowers move you.