It's a Process

In high school I took a film photography class and fell in love with it, mostly the process. Aesthetics aside, the hazards of the technical process alone can be enough to ruin a perfectly composed photo. The outcome is either extremely frustrating or incredibly rewarding.

I haven't been shooting a lot the last few years and honestly forgot most of what I learned. The last few months I have been making an attempt to get back into it and recently had some rolls developed. The turnout was the reminder I needed of how much I really enjoy photography.

With a lot of creative projects I tend to let what I don't know intimidate me . I spend too much time thinking through each step instead of starting it and learning along the way.  Sometimes that can turn a fun creative project into a dreaded task. I am learning that it's alright to fail and have one (okay, two) rolls turn up completely blurry. It's okay to not entirely know what I am doing because I am finding the process is its own reward. 



Some of these I shot with a Holga 120 Colorflash. You can choose between yellow, white, blue, or red flash. It makes my nightlife seem so edgy. 


What I also love about these cameras is their unpredictability . You can take multiple exposures on one photo which makes for endless, and really pretty, possibilities.


There is a small preview window in the Holga camera to see what number photo you are on. As it winds, just before you begin, you see the phrase "DON'T THINK JUST SHOOT!" scroll through. I love that reminder to have a little more spontaneity in my life. 


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