New things

I was really excited to get the photos back from Tara and Jimmy's wedding. Not going to school for this or even having any sort of professional training has made finding my artistic voice a much-longer-than-desired journey. Looking back, I am so grateful that I have been able to do the weddings I have done. So humbled by brides willing to trust someone inexperienced.  Overwhelmed by the flower designers who took me on their team to soak up as much information as I can. Oh and thankful they didn't fire me immediately due to my zillions of questions. 

The past months have been rough for me, playing the comparison game with other artists. Spending embarrassing amounts of time reading interviews and watching how-to's (the very very few out there by the designers I admire). I guess that is my version of school. That and just doing it. Just allowing myself to make mistakes and being vulnerable in the process. 

This wedding was booked with short notice, but I really didn't have other weddings going on in November. So what I'm saying is I had a whole month to let this wedding eat my brain.  The bride trusted my taste and had such a lovely color palate and those two things add up to "don't mess this up" on repeat.  Because I generally over think everything everyday, giving me time to think more is never ever a good idea. But alas, I was there in the garage, putting this together and just decided, heck, I'm not gonna think. I'm not going to think about what other designers would do. I am going to do what I like. 

This was a big one for me. I am still learning so much and developing/honing in my unique voice, but it was big because I decided it is OK for my designs to look different than other designers. Gosh, that sounds so obviously simple. 

I've realized I only get one shot at this, this whole business design thing. If nothing comes of it at least I will know I did what was true to myself, or at the very least who I think I am. 

Off to finish my morning smoothie in my robe that I never want to take off. 


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