Market Hysteria (capitol H)

Some BTS photos from the weekend, which in my opinion are the best photos. The ones that probably would not fare too well on instagram to the masses by they are close to my heart.

Jenn Sanchez Floral Design
Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

While I returned from Palm Springs Sunday AM, mentally I returned today. Always takes a few days to recover from a wedding for me but I despise relaxing (except when the bachelor is on, we have already discussed this) and so the depression naturally ensues for a few days following the recovery because I have had too much chill. and question my purpose in life, etc. So much goes into these events. Physically sure, but on top of running the logistics and being mindful of budgets and profit margins, you are left drained creatively as well. A friend in the industry once talked to me about this and at first I thought it might be over the top, but time has proven her 100p correct. So I sit here, drained on all fronts yet I somehow managed to make it through 45 min of a kickboxing class today so one may say I’m a woman of valor.

Jenn Sanchez Floral Design
Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

I want to talk about the Los Angeles flower market.

So I live almost exactly between LA and Santa Barbara with zero venues near me. A lot of larger scale events happen in those two counties so all my jobs are destination jobs. It really was an accident how it worked out but anyway, I often then source my product in either direction depending on which market I am closer to (great one up north called florabundance). Naturally for this job in Palm Springs I went to the LA market. I probably go there 10 times a year and I really really do not like it, every single damn time. I have a troubling curiosity for how people handle that place on a consistent basis. What long term damage it wreaks on their psyche.

The anxiety for me begins as I get off the 101 and really hits its peak when I pull into the florescent lit parking garage. I usually arrive around 6:30am, often half awake with my shirt on inside out (actually happened last week). Once you hit the floor of the first of two buildings, you gotta make the laps. The first of many many laps. You know you’ve done enough when the couple at Choice start to look at you funny. So you scope out your pre-orders from the big guys and see what looks bad, then mad dash to all the smaller vendors to scrounge around for replacements (2 bunches here…. 4 bunches there…eventually overbuy from starvation mentality). Checking your list for your last min adds, and rehearsal dinner is a vastly different palette than the wedding so you almost have to split your eyeballs in opposing directions to look for both products at once, a learned skill which I barely possess. All the while that deep seeded feeling lurking in the back of your mind that someone is racing just ahead of you looking for the same product and the same quantity and if you only woke up 10 min earlier you would have beat them to it. Somehow though, in all of this bustle and hysteria, there are the people you run into that seem to be having a completely different experience than you. Calm, shirt not only right-side-in but it’s a much higher quality linen and, they had time to grab a coffee?

Signing off demanding answers.


COLTON! jk, tomatoes

Sitting here watching the Bachelor wondering why I watch the Bachelor. It’s trash, the type that makes the perfect background noise while working on my computer. In my defense, sometimes the cats abandon me to other crevasses in the house and I feel lonely and need cheap tv to keep me company while working.

In garden news, I planted some tiger lily bulbs just in time before the first heavy rain fall this weekend. Those and also some dahlia tubers and started some tomatoes seeds in trays. I cannot tell you which I am more excited about. Dan and I already have big big plans for those tomatoes (recipes to come later like my mom’s bruschetta and she is 50% Italian so it means something). I have many other seeds I am getting in the ground way too late, but such is the life of a first time gardener, I tell myself. The way I see it, so many errors will be made no matter how precisely you plan so why obsess over the details when starting out. It’s also entirely superfluous life enrichment, planting and growing flowers, and so if I don’t enjoy the process than what is the point.

Jenn Sanchez Floral
Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

I had a few events this weekend, smaller but perfect re-introductions into the flowering world. Not being in the more regular rhythm of working with them through off-season can put one into an existential crisis which begins with questioning my product choice and ends with where is my place in the universe. It gets dark pretty quickly. But alas, early spring flowers are kind to us and sweet peas always reassure our rusty talents. I took these photos on top of my washer because it has the best lighting in the house and if you are nosey you can see our very in-progress backyard…complete with 1968 Cadillac. It’s a long story.

I am off to plan for my first wedding of the year this weekend. It is a destination event in Palm Springs and lots of YELLOW. I am thrilled. So many good options that are around for a very short window that we get to use. Acacia mimosa, yellow center daffodils, forsythia! A time of year I really am reminded of my deep love for flowers.

I am officially getting distracted by the Bach so, I will end here. talk soon my people,


Purple conversion

If I am here to do anything it is to convince you to fall in love with colors you previously had on your “no” list such as purple, might be the top of a many peoples lists.

For me, it has always been incredibly difficult to avoid color as a florist. Never totally a fan of the all white palette, or I guess more interested in colorful things. Which I think most people are as well but then seek timeless things for their weddings which end up being in the white realm, to which I say, color is timeless too and it’s more about how you use it but anyway, I digress.

I have learned many a thing in the last several years in working with color but I admit that purple is possibly the most difficult to work with. After some careful study (more like a personal failure with an assigned “berry” palette which resulted in an eyesore) I remembered my painting days. Primary colors red and blue mix to create purple, and in so mixing your end product can lean toward red or blue. In the way that those mauve lisianthus are more of a red purple and lavender sweet peas have almost icey blue undertones. When people say they hate it, what they hate is the 50/50 with equal parts of both primaries which results in Barney’s dino bod. To which I concur. But those Japanese lavender sweet peas or the antique local ranunculus which are the most perfect shade of plum, no one hates those. Or if you do, leave now.

jenn Sanchez Floral Design
Jenn sanchez Floral Design

This wedding was in May and so fortunately I had the choice of every shade of purple. Rather than limit myself, because here at JSD we stand by “more is more”, I did not worry about hue and instead was incredibly mindful (obsessive) about placement. I was sure to communicate to my team to design the aisle in groups of like colors and design almost within a monochromatic ombre. Fritillaria perscia next to the extasis carnations which transition to dark lilac and plum ranunculus which lighten to mauve delphinium next to the lighter ranunculus, etc. Such a major concept I have learned with installations. Heavy, dense groups of single types of flowers are vastly importantly for creating a visually impactful design. Didn’t mean for this to be unsolicited advice about design and color theory but there you have it. Forever learning man, color is a wild thing.

Next week I will be working on a very YELLOW wedding. If you scroll back to this post on my instagram from my purple one, I mention in the comments how I want to have a yellow one soon. Booked this client just a few months after that post. If that isn’t proof to believe in your dreams, well I am just not sure what is. I will for sure be sharing more of that on the internets so follow along! or don’t.

talk soon my dudes,


off season

So it’s off season right now in the wedding world. Frankly I think the best time of year for wedding flowers is February/March, especially in California where “winter” consist of a few days below 60 degrees, but I don’t question the flow of things. I appreciate the excepted lull in events. it gives me time to get a little bored and when that happens I am forced to get creative with my time and do things like, blog. And perfect my homemade salsa. And have “me time” where I see movies by myself. And try Zumba (which I have not done but come late January anything is fair game to get me out of the house).

Jenn Sanchez Design

While starting JSD I freelanced for 3-4 years for many other designers and learned a lot. Which is an understatement. The greatest thing I think I learned is there is no one way to do anything, especially in regards to business. How many clients you need a year and therefore on average a month, what scale you are comfortable with, if you like or dislike managing freelancers and if so how many is too many. The list goes on. I learned through observation and experience what I thought would work for my personality and my lifestyle; for my financial needs for my husband and I and also what I know would keep me from insanity, an underrated factor in the pursuit of any dream. I am very grateful that since starting the business, each year we have grown substantially. Budgets have doubled almost every season and I take on fewer and fewer clients, that end goal just made sense to me. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was in a position to take more risks and saying no was a huge part of that (more about the power of no in another post, I am a huge proponent).

MY POINT in all this is what I did not account for when setting out on this venture is, what if I succeed? What if I end up having fewer, larger events…which then means more time in-between jobs. I really like being busy, I am an American lol we wear being busy like a badge of honor. But really, I have a very hard time slowing down and I have been really learning a lot about this lately. I have yet to come to any major epiphanies or conclusions, but regardless of business model I find EVERY florist I talk to has these lulls throughout their year. Be it a two month stretch they did not anticipate, or a longer winter break than anticipated, it seems pretty common that we have these times and we let them say something about our success.

Jenn Sanchez Design
Jenn Sanchez Design
Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

I used to worry a lot about booking jobs, but then I realized that when I do book a job I also worry because finally getting the jobs you want come with a whole other set of pressure and stress. When I realized this was an endless cycle of stress and worry and the idea that “if I just booked x amount in gross sales (or insert whatever goal) I wouldn’t be stressed” was a lie I perpetually told myself, I decided to chose to just be content with whatever I have and wherever I am. This does not mean not working for work or marketing or being lazy, It just means doing your best and knowing at some point things will just be what they will be. Worry doesn’t add a single hour to your life. That was taken from the bible and there is some serious wisdom in that passage about worrying. Just some free advice regardless of what you believe really.

I hope wherever this January finds you that you are not too hard on yourself. If you find that you have more time than you hoped for leisurely activities, just enjoy them. There will be a time this year where you would give anything to be doing nothing for an afternoon.